sábado, diciembre 26, 2009

Batido de Coco


½ taza Splenda

1 lata (13.5 fl. oz.) Leche de Coco

1 lata (15 fl. oz.) Crema de Coco

1 lata leche evaporada descremada (fat-free)

4 cucharaditas extracto de ron (imitación)

¼ cucharadita canela en polvo

1/8 cucharadita nuez moscada den polvo

1/8 cucharadita clavo en polvo

1 cucharadita extracto puro de vainilla


Licua todos los ingredientes durante 30 segundos.

Refrigera por dos horas antes de servir.

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IKEA installation in Riyadh in the installation of kitchens
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The IKEA Furniture Technician in Riyadh has the best specialists in decoding and installing IKEA Kitchens properly, as IKEA Kitchens are installed and installed by professionals who need to work in this field.
The IKEA Furniture Technician in Riyadh has the best specialists in decoding and installing IKEA Kitchens properly, as IKEA Kitchens are installed and installed by professionals who need to work in this field.
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Technician of installing IKEA tires and beds in Riyadh
The IKEA Furniture Installation Technician in Riyadh provides IKEA furniture and decomposition services in a very distinctive way. The trained workers are able to dismantle and install IKEA beds and cabinets if you want to move the furniture from one place to another place at very low prices and exact prices.
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Without any additional losses or costs, no matter how difficult the jaw or the installation, and they do their work quietly and confidently to improve the comfort desired by family members is wonderful
They can also coordinate the places of the furniture so as to give the beautiful aesthetic form, without taking into account such work to complete your work without distracting you, these things make you devote to your work and you are satisfied that the IKEA collection technician in Riyadh is coordinating and installation of furniture in a professional way and put it in the appropriate places to get On the latest decorations and distinctive modern through the company installed IKEA furniture in Riyadh.
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The IKEA furniture installation company in Riyadh has the ability to decode and install the contents of the dining room as well as the seats. These pieces of furniture are the most difficult pieces in the jaw and the installation, especially that they are in a special place of the house and must appear in the appropriate manner that makes your home distinctive and beautiful, That their presence in the house is very important,

Because it is one of the most pieces of furniture that beautiful visitors see you and your home, both relatives or guests of the most important furniture technician IKEA in Riyadh to be a way to dismantle and installation of these pieces of furniture is very accurate, and originally have any defects make them appear improperly decor Home
Installation must be done properly to keep your furniture from breaking or damage quickly.
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Nashwa Mostafa

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